Serena Brown is a 23-year-old photographer who uses the influence of her upbringing in London to inform her creative approach. Since graduating with a BA in photography from Falmouth University, Serena emphasises her subjects at the heart of each image, creating themes of identity and representation throughout her work. 

Serena’s photography has led her to adopt a social documentary style captured through a fashion lens, conveying a sense of honesty and community in every project. Portraying her subjects authentically is key to her aesthetic and recent series’ Back a Yard and Class of Covid-19 both follow this tone, centring issues effecting working class youth around the UK.

Clients: Nike, Footlocker, Clarks, Refinery29, Google, This Girl Can, Gymshark, The Face Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out, Stylist Magazine, National Geographic, Rolling Stone Magazine etc